1. send us your empties

    return 3 or more full-size empty by/ rosie jane containers (tubes not included) to: 3359 fletcher drive los angeles, ca 90065 *please include your email  and mailing address (block letters) with your package

  2. you get free fragrance

    we’ll send you a free 3ml roller ball of your choice. *make sure to include your fragrance selection (block letters) with your package. and if you want to tell us why its your fav we’d love to hear that too.

  3. we recycle them

    our bottles have sprayers and roller balls, its MUCH harder to recycle them through your local recycling facility.

    SO to ensure zero waste, we work with work with Terracycle  (EXPERT recyclers) to make sure that every part of our packaging has a second life.

recycling = cool...
thanks for being a cool human