Our Story

We’re by/rosie jane, a CLEAN / COOL / EVERYDAY beauty and fragrance brand dedicated to feeling good, smelling good and doing good.


by/rosie jane founder

a native Aussie, turned die-hard Angelino, this vibrant red head and mother of 3 has created a collection of clean, safe products that you live your life in and help find some beauty in the EVERYDAY.

“For me it’s about using products that make me feel like my kids are at summer camp for a year…products that feel good and smell REALLY f*cking good.”

people and planets (especially this one) are our #1 crush.

check out the ways we’re helping do good

Cruelty Free
For the planet
100% recyclable
Carbon neutral
clean = cool

when you choose b/rj you’re saying YES to:

+ clean, safe formulas—we say NO to over 4000 yucky ingredients

+ FSC packaging—no virgin forests

+ NO single-use plastics, EVER

+ 100% ingredient transparency—yep, you can see everything in our fragrances

+ US made—Los Angeles to be exact

+ GRL PWR—mama founded and owned

and we think that makes you a cool human.